Dimensions: 1.5 x 0.65 x 0.65 m

Art deco at its best – 13 elegant little lampshades come together to form a pendant lamp of the distinctive kind. Today s art deco look has an exclusive touch. Furnishing aesthetes could probably imagine this lamp just as credibly in a splendid ballroom as in their own living room. However, the impression provided by the 13 amber-coloured glass shades with their decorative crystal pendants suspended from a round stainless steel plate is neither grandiose nor baroque. The Art Deco pendant lamp with its subtle beauty is a masterpiece of unadorned design art which harmoniously integrates playful elements. Art deco in its most up-to-date form energy class: C

Matériaux: stainless steel, iron, glass, crystal glass, incl. 13x G4,10W,12V,transformer 23
Poids: 11.8 kg

Prix de vente: € 599 – Modèle d’expo: € 419

Votre avantage sur cet article: € 180